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Chartered by the SC General Assembly in 2018 … “which shall have the authority and responsibility to plan and execute, insofar as authorized and funded by the General Assembly, a proper observance of the Sestercentennial of the American Revolution in South Carolina, and in cooperation with the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust; a national organization, if any; and other similar commemorative organizations in other states. This proper observance of the Sestercentennial must include the role of persons of African-American descent in the Revolutionary War.”


To celebrate and promote South Carolina’s role in the American Revolution by educating, engaging, and inspiring South Carolinians and visitors.

Strategic Goals

  • Discover and celebrate South Carolina’s Revolutionary Era, its significant people, places, principles, and events.
  • Interpret, preserve, and make accessible Revolutionary scholarship and sites.
  • Educate South Carolinians and the world about South Carolina’s roles in the American Revolution.
  • Support and promote research and cultural heritage tourism telling South Carolina’s stories from many points of view.
  • Support and promote local 250th anniversary commemorative events, arts, preservation, heritage tourism infrastructure, and corresponding economic development.

SC 250th Commission’s Statutory Partners:

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