From local lectures to statewide celebrations, the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution is something to celebrate!

So when is the anniversary?
The SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission is very excited about the 250th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2026. There will be fireworks!

However, we see the 250th as so much more and include an American Revolution Era of 1770-1783 | 2020-2033. This takes us from the Boston Massacre to the Signing of the Treaties of Paris at the end of the war.

The political stressors which were the run up causal events to the Revolutionary War 250th anniversaries have already started. My scholarly friends say the causes of the American Revolution started at the end of the Seven Years War - the French and Indian War in North America. That is why the SC 250th Commission chose to commemorate from 2020 to 2033.  “War is the failure of politics.”  Standoffs, political posturing, threats at gunpoint, and other seminal events were going on 250 years ago which served to polarize the mother-daughter country’s relationships. 

Charles Baxley, SC250 Chairman

Did you know that 2023 is the 250th Anniversary of not only the Boston Tea Party but also the Charleston Tea Party? Did you know there was another Cherokee War in 1776-1777 | 2026-2027? Did you know that the Patriot's victory at King's Mountain didn't take place until 1780 | 2030? Over 1,000 South Carolinians lost their lives to the fight after the surrender at Yorktown in September of 1781 | 2031?

So for the next several years local County 250 Committee, organizations, and SC250 will be hosting events. Check out a list or calendar below.

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