SC250 Grants

Grant Program Goals

SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) Grants support American Revolution in SC public programs, scholarly research, and historic tourism projects. SC250's goal is to engage each county and community in South Carolina, aiding them in rediscovering their unique American Revolution historical significance, and helping each community to share that story with locals and tourists alike.

In addition, the Commission also wants to intentionally seek out and give voice to previously disenfranchised groups; discovering the stories of SC’s African Americans, Native Americans, and women and children who were essential to the birthing of a new nation.

All programs should be designed to be accessible by a broad audience, to serve citizens in urban and rural settings, and to make possible programs, research, and sites that illuminate and enrich the lives of every person at every age.

We Are Here To Help

SC250 Commission would like to allocate to as many communities around the state as possible so please call 803-898-3392 or email to discuss your project before you apply to make sure you have everything you need for your application. You can also sign up for a one-on-one virtual consultation. Click Here to schedule a time.

Application/Project Planning

  • Does my organization's proposed project fit SC250's grant program?
    • Does the project deal specifically with the American Revolution Era in South Carolina as defined by SC250 (1770 Boston Massacre - 1783 Treaties of Paris / not French & Indian War or the forming of government in the new United States - great topics but not in the Commission's scope)?
    • Does it fit the Commission's pillars of Education and Cultural Tourism?
    • Does it Tell a More Complete Story (including and seeking out related stories of African Americans, Native Americans, women & children, Loyalists, etc. if applicable)?
    • If you are not the County 250 Committee, have you gotten the committee's buy in for your project?
  • Does your project have all the details for which the review panels will be looking? Make sure your plan clearly defines the following:
    • detailed Deliverables. What tangible items will be the result of spending the grant funds? If grant is for a larger project, please include overview but make sure to list what will be accomplished in the phase included in the grant.
    • a matrix to Measure Success (number of attendees, website clicks, etc.).
    • a well thought out reasonable Budget.
      • SC250 encourages having a full project budget from start to finish including maintenance costs. Get quotes and talk to experts. Doesn't have to be exact but does need to demonstrate your due diligence.
      • Weight is given to Partnerships and Cost Share even if a match is not technically required.
      • Note: Only include the ask amount above the cost share section of the application budget. However, if you have a larger budget spreadsheet please include with the support documents.
    • demonstration of Longevity and Sustainability for the community and state.
      • Include who will own property or materials and who will keep the project going in the future.
      • If a one time event, how will longevity be addressed? Can it be set up for annual success?
    • assurance of Historical Accuracy. Are you including experts and peer reviewers?
  • Have you completed gathering your materials and registering?
    • Review the specifics for the funding opportunity / grant program that fits your project. Click here for a list of programs.
    • Pro Tip: You can use the Word version of the application (linked at the bottom of each program for writing your narrative, reviewing assurances and certification policies, gathering support document requirements, and constructing your budget. However, applications must be submitted in the Discover SC WebGrants program.
    • Register for the Discover SC Web Grants program. Click Here for a How To.
    • Decide on a Fiscal Agent if not the applicant. Gather fiscal agent required support documents. (Click Here for More)
    • Get a State Vendor Number if your organization doesn't already have one. This is not the same as a an EIN number or State Charity Number. Set up direct deposit, too. Click Here for more.
    • Sign up for SC250's monthly enews to make sure you receive notifications about grant and webinar updates. Register here.

Special Thanks & Citation

SC250 would like to thank the many SC State Agencies who advised on the establishment of these grant programs and from whose grant programs much of the verbiage for these grants was borrowed – not limited to SCDAH, SCPRT, SC Humanities, SC State Library, SC Conservation Bank, SC Arts Commission, SC Dept. of Education, SC Procurement, SC Dept. of Admin, and the SC Attorney General’s office.

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