Types of Competitive Grants

Funding Opportunities / Funding Levels

The SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) offers one $3,000 Non-Competitive Organizing Grant to each official County 250 Committee. SC250's Competitive Grants now come in the following levels Monthly Grants (up to $15,000), Major Grants ($15,001 to $125,000), and Premier Grants ($126,000+).

Monthly Grants are reviewed monthly with a deadline on the first business day of each month at 3:00 P.M. Major Grants are reviewed quarterly. Premier Grants’ deadlines are also quarterly and will go through two rounds of review including a presentation to the full Commission or Executive Committee.

Each Competitive Funding Opportunity / Grant Level will be offered in the Grant Types listed below.
Note: When applying online select the Funding Opportunity (Patriot, Major, Premier) first then you will select the type in the cover sheet section of the application. The pages describing these types below give you more insight into what the reviewers will be looking for in each type. Also, please note that while each type is available in all three levels of grants, most budgets typically fall under a $10,000 request so a pro tip is to reach out to SC250 to review your request before choosing a larger funding request level.

Competitive Grant Types

Local Museum Style Panel Grants
To aid in connecting each community to their local SC American Revolution history, SC250 will be issuing grants for the creation of museum style panel displays, with the hope of customizing the panels to the local American Revolution history.

Local Activities Grants
These grants are intended to provide seed money for local Revolutionary War activities. This could include public art, performances, living history, presentations, or more. SC250 encourages communities to be creative and make their celebration unique to their community.

County Asset Assessment & Historic Tourism Plan
SC250 wants to help the County 250 Committees plan the best way to utilize and showcase their assets. This 50/50 Matching Grant would pay up to $10,000 towards paying an expert to do an analysis of the American Revolution assets in the county, their condition, and a plan for monetizing these assets for ongoing Historic Tourism. The goal is to put these assets in place to have an impact long after the sundown of the Commission. The assets should still be telling our American Revolution story in SC and driving tourism for our communities long after the anniversary years.

  • Eligibility: Only Official County 250 Committees or their County Government on their behalf

Research Grants
SC250 sees this anniversary as an excellent opportunity to advance research in SC’s role in the American Revolution. There may be opportunities with academic, government, and commercial publishers for well-researched and written pamphlets and monographs, commercial and scholarly articles, and books associated with South Carolina’s 250th Anniversary. In addition to scholarly treatises there is a need for well-written and accurate consumer editions on many topics. Hopefully, some of these foundational research projects will be adopted for academic theses, dissertations, and other publications by independent scholars and authors. Anticipated end result can be a digital asset as long as research standards are met.

Publication Grants
To ensure that research and educational materials are available into the future, SC250 will be aiding in publication of SC American Revolution materials, both digitally and in print.

Education Grants
One of SC250’s goals is to help educate South Carolinians and visitors of all ages about the important role SC played in the birthing of our new nation. This starts with an emphasis on the many ways to share this info with our K-12 students.

Signage & Marker Grants
Whether interpretive signs at local parks or official state historic markers, there are a lot of locations that need signs about their American Revolution significance. SC250 also encourages marking 18th-century roads. The same road to the grocery store may be an old Cherokee trail or road to a British fort. We live among history and signs help us remember.

SC American Revolution Site Grants: Planning, Acquisition, Development, Renovation
SC250 believes that not only will new battlefield site developments, pull offs, and interpretation projects enhance cultural tourism during the anniversary, but also that these projects will have an impact into the future of their communities.

With hundreds of American Revolution people, places, and event needing to be recognized (over 400 battles and skirmishes alone in SC), SC250 is dedicated to the locating, marking, and interpreting of as many locations as possible in the upcoming years.

All applications must be submitted in the online Discover SC WebGrants program.
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*Grant funding is dependent on allocations from the State Legislature each year. SC250 may choose to fund, not fund, or partially fund applications. The Commission retains the right to make exceptions or alter the up to amount that may be approved for each grant. All information is intended to be a summary and subject to change. For full grant program details and requirements, visit the grant program's specific page or contact info@SouthCarolina250.com.

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