County 250 Non-Competitive Organizing Grants

In an effort to ensure that all counties across SC have Sestercentennial programming highlighting their unique role in the American Revolution, the SC250 Commission will be issuing a grant to each official County 250 Committee to aid in the formation of their committee and kick start their efforts.

“What I can do for my country, I am willing to do.”

Christopher Gadsden

Grant Requirements:

  • Be about the business of celebrating the American Revolution in your County by choosing a project in these categories:
    • Strategic Planning for your committee’s Education, Commemoration, and/or Tourism Activities.
    • Survey of American Revolution Era People, Places, & Stories in your county.
    • Historic Research and/or Archeology of an American Revolution Era Site in your county.
    • Historic Research to help rediscover the often lost voices of African Americans, Native Americans, Women, and Children.
    • Designing a Revolutionary Era Trail/Tour in your county (or with surrounding counties).
    • Memorialize your Hero/Heroines’ American Revolution Actions with statues, markers, art, etc.
    • Mark your 18th-century roads, trails, forts, muster grounds, churches, buildings, and other points of interest.
    • Other – If you choose Other, please describe your proposed project.
  • Please note that any activity presented in the Grant Narrative must result in a clear documented Deliverable (a completed, tangible product and/or measurable unit).
  • All major materials must display SC250th Commission’s and SC Liberty Trail’s logos.

Who Is Eligible:

Only the Official County 250 Committee or a fiscal agent on their behalf. Please note that the County Government may designate third-party recipients (i.e. County 250 Committees) to receive grants provided that the County Government applies on their behalf and the Chief Elected Official of the County Government signs the application. Our recommendation is to have your county government be your fiscal agent. (However, that is not a requirement. Click here to learn more about the role of a fiscal agent.) All applicants must be located in SC. Each county committee can only apply once.


While all SC Counties are eligible for this grant, monies will not be disbursed until a completed application (including clear deliverables, timeline, and measurements of success) is received and a grant agreement/contract is signed.

How To Apply:

Apply through the Discover SC Web Grant program making sure to include the following checklist:

  • Register with the Discover SC Web Grant program - Please note this program manages all SCPRT and SC250 Grants. Pro Tip: When completing registration make sure to select SC250 - SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission under Program Area of Interest.
  • Under Funding Opportunities make sure to select the correct grant - Agency: SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission Title: County 250 Organizing Grants
  • General Information Form
  • Cover Sheet Form
  • Grant Narrative including Estimated Timeline & Anticipated Outcomes / Deliverables
  • Assurances & Certifications
  • Support Materials (*Required)
    • Contact Spreadsheet* Click Here for a Sample Spreadsheet (can use your own format)
      • Project Sponsor staff/members (County 250 Committee members) who would like to be added to SC250 enewsletter, etc.
      • VIPs to keep in the loop (Local Media, Elected Officials, Volunteers, Donors, etc.)
    • Resolution from your SC County Council supporting your County 250 Committee*
      Click Here for a Sample Resolution (can reword to fit your county's needs)
    • Fiscal Agent Documentation*
      • Fiscal Agent’s W-9 (make sure it is signed)
      • Fiscal Agent’s adopted budget for the current fiscal year
      • Fiscal Agent’s operating financial statement for last fiscal year
        • If the Fiscal Agent has just been established, some documentation to that fact
    • If the applicant or fiscal agent is a Non-Profit, we also need the following documentation:
      • IRS 501c3 letter or 501c6 letter (not an EIN letter, but non-profit designation letter)
      • Secretary of State Annual Charity Registration letter (make sure it has not expired)
      • List of Board members
      • Mission of Non-profit
    • Any other documents that support your request. For example: If planning on using grant funds to pay a consultant, you can submit resume and/or sample works of consultant if already selected / REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) if not.
    • Applicants are encouraged to submit early and/or contact SC250 to discuss.
  • Grant Application Budget
    • Budget Best Practices:
      • Not all budget categories may be compatible with your grant type. Feel free to skip a section. For example: we do not expect to see land acquisition in the County 250 Organizing Grants.
      • If the grant request amount is part of a larger budget, please only include SC250 funding requests in each breakdown section. If you have a total project budget spreadsheet that you would like to include, please attach in the support document section.
      • Make sure to not exceed the total amount available for this grant type in the breakdown SC250 request sections. This up to amount is listed in the Amount section below.
      • The total budget could be larger if you have additional funding from other sources. If there are any additional funds in your total budget, document them in the Cost Share / Matching Funds section.
      • While match is not required for all grants, SC250 highly encourages partnerships and grantee cost share.
      • Personnel refers to staffing, while contractual refers to any person you are hiring for a specific task.
      • Administrative staffing should represent no more than 20% of the budget request.
  • Feel free to contact SC250 with questions or to request a one-on-one session at or call 803-898-3392.


$3,000* / County

24FY Anticipated Application Deadline:

This grant is non-competitive so applications are accepted ongoing until May 7, 2024 at 3:00 PM Eastern (Not a Postmarked Deadline) County 250 Committees are encouraged to apply as soon as the group has a clear goal for their $3,000 grant and all fiscal agent paperwork. Please do not hesitate to reach out to SC250 for assistance with your application.

Grant Award Date:

Grants will be issued upon receipt of approved documentation and signed grant agreement/contract.

Match or Cost Share Required:

No. However, partnerships and cost share are encouraged.

Grant Distribution:

For municipal and county fiscal agents, funds are distributed once application is approved with clearly defined deliverables and timeline. All other fiscal agents will receive 80% at approval and 20% at completion of final paperwork.

Helpful Links:

How to Register for the Discover SC Web Grants Program
How to Submit Your Application in the Discover SC Web Grants Program
SC250 Webinars
How to Become The Official County 250 Committee
Sample Contact Excel Spreadsheet - Required Support Material for Most Grants
Sample County Council Resolution for Making Your County 250 Committee the Official County Group
Word Document with Paper Version of Application for Reference and Preparation Only - Please note that all applicants must be completed in the Discover SC Web Grants Program.

*Grant funding is dependent on allocations from the State Legislature each year. SC250 may choose to fund, not fund, or partially fund applications. The Commission retains the right to make exceptions or alter the up to amount that can be approved for each grant. All information is intended to be a summary and subject to change. Contact or 803-898-3392 for more information.

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