Local Museum Style Panel Grants

The SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) offers Competitive Grants in the following funding opportunity levels Monthly Grants (up to $15,000), Major Grants ($15,001 to $125,000), and Premier Project Grants ($125,001+).

Monthly Grants are reviewed monthly with a deadline on the first business day of each month at 3:00 P.M. Major Grants are reviewed quarterly. Premier Grants’ deadlines are also quarterly and will go through two rounds of review including a presentation to the full Commission or Executive Committee.

One of the grant types available is the Local Museum Style Panel Grant. To aid in connecting each community to their local SC American Revolution history, SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) will be issuing grants for the creation of museum style panel displays, with the hope of customizing the panels to the local American Revolution history.

Local Museum Style Panel Grant Requirements:

  • The new interpretative panels must be inside a public or NGO (a nonprofit organization that operates independently of any government) owned building, easily visible and accessible to the public.
  • The interpretative panels should feature significant local Revolutionary Era people, places, events, or ideas.
  • In addition to standard local histories, applicants are encouraged to also tell their Revolutionary Era stories from non-traditional points of view, such as Loyalist – Women – Children – enslaved and free African Americans – Native Americans, etc.
  • Project Sponsor must agree to display the interpretative panels through 2033; however, the panels may be relocated by mutual consent.
  • The interpretative panel’s message must be accurate, sources fully documented, or called “tradition” or “legend”.
  • All panels/materials must be approved by SC250 prior to production.
  • The Project Sponsor will supply its proposed Budget and Timeline for completion.
  • The interpretative panels must display SC250th Commission’s and SC Liberty Trail’s logos.
  • The interpretative panels should be engaging and graphically rich.
  • Grant recipients must obtain a permanent and transferable right for themselves and SC250 and its succession designee to use any images, wording, design, and layout. Recipients will make sure that the images can be used by recipient and/or SC250 in promotional materials in addition to the panel. Exceptions to this must be preapproved by SC250.
  • The interpretative panels should encourage visitation of the local “visitable” Revolutionary War sites.
  • When the interpretative panels are retired for any reason they become the sole property of the SC250th Commission or its succession designee, which may use it or parts thereof in any manner it sees fit.
  • The interpretative panels must be of sufficient size to convey messages and draw attention.
  • The interpretative panels may be updated, amended, video or other media added, or repaired by agreement of the parties.
  • The project can be a strictly a traditional interpretive panel or it can include interactive manipulables such as flip charts and/or media such as audio and video tablets, etc.
  • Project Sponsor shall provide all project management and select all artists, vendors, and consultants.

Who Is Eligible:

Official County 250 Committees, Local Governments, Tribes, Museums, Historical Societies, Visitor Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Universities/Colleges, Non-Profit Organizations, SC Council of Governments, Regional Tourism Commissions, Other SC Organizations or Businesses with Public/Private Partnerships. Please note that County and Municipal Governments may designate third-party recipients (for example non-profit organizations) to receive grants provided that the local government applies on their behalf and the Chief Elected Official of the local government signs the application. All applicants must be located in SC.

How To Apply:

Apply through the Discover SC Web Grant program making sure to include the following checklist:

  • Register with the Discover SC Web Grant program - Please note this program manages all SCPRT and SC250 Grants. Pro Tip: When completing registration make sure to select SC250 - SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission under Program Area of Interest.
  • Under Funding Opportunities make sure to select the correct grant - Agency: SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission Title: SC American Revolution Monthly Grant (or Major or Premier)
  • General Information Form
  • Cover Sheet Form
    • Make sure to select Local Museum Style Panel Grant for the Grant Type.
  • Grant Narrative including Estimated Timeline & Anticipated Outcomes / Deliverables
  • Assurances & Certifications
  • Support Materials (*Required)
    • Contact Spreadsheet* Click Here for a Sample Spreadsheet
      • Project Sponsor staff/members who would like to be added to SC250 enewsletter, etc. and VIPs to keep in the loop (Local Media, Elected Officials, Volunteers, Donors, etc.)
    • Fiscal Agent Documentation*
      • Fiscal Agent's W-9 (make sure it is signed)
      • Fiscal Agent's adopted budget for the current year
      • Fiscal Agent's operating financial statement for last fiscal year
        • If the Fiscal Agent has just been established, some documentation to that fact.
      • If the applicant or fiscal agent is a Non-Profit, we also need the following documentation:
        • IRS 501c3 letter or 501c6 letter (not an EIN letter, but non-profit designation letter)
        • Secretary of State Annual Charity Registration letter (make sure it has not expired)
        • List of Board members
        • Mission of Non-Profit
    • Letter of Support from your local SC County 250 Committee.
      • SC250 would like to ensure that your County 250 group is in the loop when you are applying. We get more done together! Click Here for a list of contacts for the local county committees. Don't see your county contact? Reach out to hhawkins@southcarolina250.com.
      • If the fiscal agent or project director is the official County 250 Committee, you can skip this attachment.
      • If you are not located in SC but are working on American Revolution in SC material, upload a document that states such.
    • Memorandum of Understanding with proposed location host*
    • Based on how far the planning process has progressed, if available please include description or diagram of wall or other space in the facility dedicated to the exhibit with measurements. Concept sketch-design-drawing and content of proposed exhibit or a narrative of the exhibit's concept idea.
    • Any other documents that support your request. For example: if planning on using grant funds to pay a consultant, you can submit resume and/or sample works of consultant if already selected / REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) if not.
    • Applicants are encouraged to submit early and/or contact SC250 to discuss.
  • Grant Application Budget
    • Budget Best Practices: 
      • Not all budget categories may be compatible with your grant type. Feel free to skip a section. 
      • If the grant request amount is part of a larger budget, please only include SC250 funding requests in each breakdown section.
      • Make sure to not exceed the total amount available for this grant type in the breakdown SC250 request sections. This up to amount is listed on the Funding Opportunity main page or just below in the Amount section.
      • The total budget could be larger if you have additional funding from other sources. If there are any additional funds in your total budget, document them in the Cost Share / Matching Funds section.
      • Personnel refers to staffing, while contractual refer to any person you are hiring for a specific task.
      • Administrative staffing should represent no more than 20% of the budget request.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit early and/or contact SC250 to discuss.


Based on grant level. However, most Local Museum Style Panel Grants are up to $5,000* / Project Sponsor

FY24 Anticipated Application Deadlines:

Monthly Grant FY24 Anticipated Deadlines: The first business day of each month at 3:00 P.M. Eastern (2/1/24, 3/4/24, 4/1/24, 5/1/24, 6/3/24)
Major & Premier Grant FY24 Anticipated Deadlines: Cycle 2: March 26, 2024, Cycle 3: June 14, 2024
All deadlines are not postmarked dates as all applications must be submitted in the Discover SC Web Grants program. Dates subject to change.

FY24 Anticipated Grant Award Dates:

Monthly Grant FY24 Anticipated Award Dates: The first business day of the following month
Major & Premier Grant FY24 Anticipated Award Dates: Cycle 2: May 10, 2024 Cycle 3: September 1, 2024
Application responses can be award/fund, award/partially fund, not award, and requiring more due diligence for a final decision. More due diligence would, of course, delay a final award date if eventually approved. This is especially true with expensive site grants. Pro Tip: plan ahead and leave plenty of time between your application and the project start date.

Match or Cost Share Required:

Based on grant level. Monthly Grants do not require a match. However, match and partnerships are highly encouraged. Major Grants require a 20% match. Premier Grants require a 25% match. This is a % of the total budget (not a % of the ask).
Tip for figuring 20% match: Divide the grant request amount by .80 then multiple that number by .20.
Match can exceed match requirement amount.

Make sure to include details about those matching funds in your grant application budget. It is great to document on grant budgets in-kind match such as volunteer hours, food donated by the local merchants association, etc. This shows great local buy in! However, please keep in mind that in-kind donations cannot be used for required matching percentage. 

Remember that final reports will require documentation that any required matching funds have been expended (invoices and proof of payment).

Grant Distribution:

Competitive Grants will be distributed with 80% upfront and 20% appropriated upon approval of completed final report including documentation of deliverables, measurement of success, and receipts/proof of payment showing the full grant amount plus any required match has been spent on the project.

Helpful Links:

How to Register for the Discover SC Web Grants Program
How to Submit Your Application in the Discover SC Web Grants Program
SC250 Webinars
Sample Contact Excel Spreadsheet - Required Support Material for Most Grants
Word Document with Paper Version of Application for Reference and Preparation Only - Please note that all applicants must be completed in the Discover SC Web Grants Program.

*Grant funding is dependent on allocations from the State Legislature each year. SC250 may choose to fund, not fund, or partially fund applications. The Commission retains the right to make exceptions or alter the up to amount that may be approved for each grant. All information is intended to be a summary and subject to change. Contact info@SouthCarolina250.com or 803-898-3392 for more information.

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